June 11, 2021

Sports Photographer Shaun Hardwick continues support of the club


Shaun Hardwick is an aspiring, young sport photographer based in Derbyshire, UK with a background of playing sports himself from an early age. Graduated with a First-Class Honours in Commercial Photography at the University of Derby in 2020. Whilst studying on the course spent his time perfecting skills and knowledge, Shaun became a known face amongst Team Derby’s sport teams which led to working with clubs outside of the university.

Proud to continue working as the club photographer for Derby Elks RL covering their current season with match day photos and player portraits. Shaun focused primarily on highlighting and invigorate their teams and individuals’ proudest moments both in game and on the side in a sport-portraiture style. As well as working with other sport clubs like women’s football. The main goal is to become a full-time sport photographer. Services I offer is simply match day coverage of any sport as well as building an awareness for the club and its participants with fresh creative images as well as individual player profiles building.

Currently working with a few sports clubs, networking and expanding my photography to whole new level turning it from a hobby into a profession. 

Check out Shauns website at www.shaunhardwickphoto.co.uk

You can contact Shaun at hardwicksm.photographer@gmail.com or 07532445994.

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